Super Wild War '22 has been released!

information about Super Wild War '22:

This is a turn-based strategy game for the classic Sega Master System console!

Glamorous Zombie Flakes has been released!

information about Glamorous Zombie Flakes:

This is an original JRPG for Windows, DOS, Amiga, and 32X!
See the readme file here.
See the instruction manual here.

"This game is top secret!" "It's only a game about flower arranging."
"It's a game devoted to the study of geology." "I heard it was a game about looting."
"Clearly it's a game about food, and as a chef I would have to be the main character!" "You're all wrong! It's the story of how I become a famous model!"

OK, but what do you do in it?

Go back to school! Chill out in the basement!
Entertain zombies! Dig holes in the ground!